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Question 1:

Tony H Li: i remember from my mems class

Tony H Li: like microfluidics and those types of sensors

Tony H Li: can be used to detect chemical agents

Tony H Li: but i remmeber kovacs talking about how if u have too small of a sample concentration

Tony H Li: u would need a lot of sample

Tony H Li: so just cuz u use a nL and don't find anything

Tony H Li: doesn't mean it's not there

Tony H Li: oh yea we should ask kovacs to clarify that better for us


Question 2:

I just wanted to check if we're meeting today? Kit and I assumed not,

since we didnt really set up an agenda for today. Let us know if you all

do want to meet.

How about the topics for this week? If we're still planning to look into a

few other instruments, besides gas chromatographs, we could start with the

ones used in current missions, eg. X-ray spectrometer, laser spectrometer,

more about the mass spectrometers, fluorescence & diffraction instruments


Any thoughts?


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