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Page history last edited by PBworks 18 years, 3 months ago

(KC 4/13 10:05p)

So whatever you dig up from your research, post bullet points for Operational Advantages/Disadvantages, and Operational Requirements by say... Saturday night so that we have some time to organize the points into slides by Sunday. Post to here | Weekly Project



(KC 4/11 12:37a)

So in case you guys aren't familiar with wiki it can be a fun and easy way to record project progress and communicate thoughts to group members. To be able to edit pages, just sign in, go to the page you want to edit, and then click the blue edit button.


Prof. Kovacs mentioned in class that its a good idea to make power point presentations each week and then weed out the best bullet points. Wiki's allow you to add images and files to any wiki posting. This can be a handy way of keeping power point files in one place. We can easily make a page that summarizes the "best power point bullets" of each week, making the final report easier to write.


Anyway, that's my case for using wiki. Whatever the group wants to do is fine by me. I'm just an organization FREAK! So spend a little bit of time humoring me by going through the site. Check out:

Week 1

Weekly Project

Contact Information

And just try to play around with editing a page. If you still like email better than this I'll be happy to switch.

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